Merging the power of AI & humans to design brilliant experiences

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We offer two services:

Design and technology consulting

We deliver value across digital and physical contexts, from strategy to implementation

We use machines to get more from budgets and wrangle data in ways we can't. We use humans for world class behaviour-led thinking and strategy

Design and 

tech consulting



Technical strategy including data logic and language models. Designing products, services, brands and communication. 

Training individuals and teams to use design thinking tools and techniques to make businesses better.

and change strategy 

Working out how to best move people and organisations between current and aspirational states

Technical strategy

Exploring and proving ways to leverage emerging technology to better realise business objectives

Behavioural investigation

Uncovering the needs and motivations of people and organisations interacting with (and delivering) products and services

Ideation and testing

Designing changes to existing or new products and services and testing to prove results

We employ rigorous investigation and validation methods to identify and deliver plausible tech interventions. 

In the realm of tech design, there's seldom a single 'right' solution; instead, multiple directions can yield desired outcomes. Our role is to uncover the most feasible path and establish the necessary conditions for its success. This necessitates objective decision-making rooted in robust evidence.

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Delivering evidence-driven
decision making

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Over a decade of partnerships across sectors, geographies, and contexts. In times of growth and crisis

Capability building

Behaviour-centred training focused on building practical capability within consumer-facing teams

Evidence-led approach

Expert trainers

Our trainers have decades of demonstrated experience. 
They train from this experience, not scripts or templates

Our approach is grounded in the latest evidence in learning psychology to maximise chances of effectively embedding capabilities

Practical outcomes

Measurement and tracking

We work with organisations to understand how training success is measured and work our training into those frameworks

We prioritise capabilities that will contribute to organisation success, these are reinforced over time through tailored coaching

Training in critical areas to solve problems and grow businesses

Designing products
and services

and collaboration


Teams learn to conduct investigation with people and properly synthesise outcomes. With this, they make better decisions.

Learn how to gather evidence from humans, then conduct product and service experiments

Learn how to imagine, prototype and execute new product and service designs

Learn how to build an inclusive culture, how to create compelling narratives then deliver them to inspire

human behaviour

Inventing products
and services

Teams learn to generate novel ideas for products and services that don’t yet exist.

Building a compelling narrative

Teams learn the parts of an effective story and how to structure a narrative to ensure engagement and comprehension.

Improving products and services

Teams learn to design and prioritise possible ways to improve on current state versions to increase value and impact.

Presenting with purpose and impact

Teams learn the elements of effective presenting and how to overcome personal barriers to inspire audiences.

Conducting experiments

Teams learn how to design and execute experiments that run over time, in market, in order to validate assumptions and measure value in real time.

User interface prototype design

Teams learn how to design, prototype and test world class UI to ensure users’ interactions are the best they can be.

Working with diversity and inclusiveness

Teams learn to build an inclusive culture and leverage the perspectives that diversity brings to make teams better.

We have recently trained

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Design Director and Founder of Neo

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Design Director and Founder of Neo

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Design Director and Founder of Neo

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Design Director and Founder of Neo

What we talk about

Get in touch with our Directors to talk about working with or for us

Michelle Gilmore

Founder and Design Director

Nic Chamberlain

Managing Director


Interface and visual design

Conceptual and detailed (production ready) design for physical and digital products and services

Brand and communication

Design and production of brand and communication assets to effectively talk to consumers and teams

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Our Equitable Design process is pivotal in mitigating risk. Given that our work holds the potential to impact lives, reshape markets, and influence economies, we recognise the evolving landscape of regulations that demand a conscientious approach. 

By reducing unconscious biases and the likelihood of unintended consequences, our Equitable Design process aligns with responsible tech development.

Our equitable design process mitigates risk

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At Neo, we focus on shaping realistic tech outcomes for our partners and ensuring their realisation. 

We prioritise practical, proven solutions over abstract propositions. While selling utopian ideals can be lucrative, it's rarely achievable. 

We believe in designing strategies that can be tangibly executed rather than lofty dreams that remain unrealised.

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We are grounded in practical realism

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We boast extensive expertise across diverse tech channels and industries. We don't engage in hierarchical structures where seniors sell and juniors do the work. 

We value evidence-based decision-making, emphasise rationalisation, and avoid personal attachment to work. 

Our approach spans digital, physical, and virtual spaces, designing for seamless integration

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We bring holistic
expertise across tech landscapes

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Neo thrives on partnering with initiatives linked to measurable tech outcomes. 

Through behavioural design, we expand market reach, enhance value, reduce attrition and risk, and establish sustainable employee and consumer acquisition and retention strategies. 

We don't peddle generic templates, we believe that true outcomes are achieved by effecting real change.

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We believe in outcome driven collaboration

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Beyond customer or human-centricity, we recognise the complexity of tech decisions. Customer-centricity is no longer a competitive advantage. 

We empower organisations and leaders to make informed, evidence-led tech choices, we consider interconnected behaviours: customer, human, market, political, social, and environmental. 

We avoid privileging any one behaviour over another, opting to explore how they intersect.

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We bring faceted 

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